Construction Update: Buildings Come Down and the "Big Dig" Begins

Construction is moving along on the Tenley Campus!

Tenley Campus after demoThree existing buildings on the campus–Constitutional, Federal, and Congressional Halls—were demolished in preparation for new structures on the site.  If you get a glimpse of the grounds via the 24 hour live construction camera, you will see mounds of sand, rock, and debris. These materials have been salvaged from the rubble of Federal and Congressional Halls, and are being repurposed for the construction staging areas. Two cornerstones from the Federal and Congressional Hall buildings that were placed in 1955 as part of the Immaculata School have also been salvaged and remain on-site.

Piles, or supports that provide a steady base for the new structures, are being driven into the ground. The “big dig”  has already begun on the Yuma Street side of the site with the digging of the new law campus’ parking facility (check it out on the left hand side of the live webcam feed). The dig is expected to take nearly 20 weeks.  

Check back soon for more construction updates!